Guest Speakers

Full details of the guest speakers are available for download here. 

Cleopatra Charalampaki

Speaking on real time overlay of white light with Indocyanine green videoangiography for better intraoperative visualisation of vascular deformities, multispectral imaging of 5-aminolevulin acid in brain tumor surgery and intraoperative confocal-assisted multifluorescent surgery for CNS tumors 

Supported with a grant from Leica Microsystems 

Rees Cosgrove
Boston, USA

Speaking on imaging and epilepsy surgery: the key to success, ablative surgery for psychiatric disease and MRgFUS for movement disorders


Supported with a grant from MediGroup

Michael Fehlings
Toronto, Canada 

Speaking on surgical management of metastatic spine: moving toward precision-based medicine, experience with international prospective studies and guidelines development to enhance care for degenerative cervical myelopathy and spinal cord Injury and lessons learned from managing complex cervical pathology

Wouter Schievink
Los Angeles, USA


Speaking on spontaneous intracranial hypotension and the management of arterial dissections

Supported with a grant from RACS

Jin Woo Chang
Seoul, Korea

Speaking on BBB-MRgFUS enhanced Stupp protocol for GBM



Matthew Foote
Radiation Oncologist
Brisbane, Australia

Speaking on stereotactic spine radiotherapy in the management of spinal malignancy and stereotactic radiosurgery in brain metastases: the changing landscape 

Malcolm Hogg 
Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Melbourne, Australia

Speaking on the issue with opioids prescribing, including for post-operative pain

Pamela McCombe
Neurologist and Eccles Lecturer
Brisbane, Australia

Presenting the Eccles Lecture on sex differences in neurological disease


Neil Carrington

Leadership Coach
Brisbane, Australia

Dr Carrington will share insights and provide practical strategies to enable neurosurgeons to grow and develop in their non-technical life

Anna McLeod

Medical Defence
Melbourne, Australia

Speaking on feedback versus bullying