Intermediate Neurosurgical Training


The second level of the Training Program is Intermediate Neurosurgical Training where the trainee involvement should be increasing in complexity. The trainee should be assuming more responsibility and building on the foundational experience, knowledge, skills and attributes towards the required level of competence. 


Intermediate Neurosurgical Training  must be completed in a minimum of three training years from completion of Basic Neurosurgical Training and a maximum of four training years.  Trainees who complete four years of active Intermediate Neurosurgical Training without successful completion of all training requirements will be dismissed.

Training Requirements

The training requirements which must be satisfactorily completed during Intermediate Neurosurgical Training are summarised below with further details available in the Regulations:

  • Quarterly Professional Performance Assessments
  • The research requirement
  • The Early Management of Severe Trauma Course
  • The Critical Literature Evaluation and Research Course
  • A minimum of six Neurosurgical Training Seminars
  • A minimum of 800 major neurosurgical procedures during Intermediate Neurosurgical Training of which a minimum of 50 must be major paediatric neurosurgical cases
  • Participation in a minimum of 80 major neurosurgical procedures for each six months
  • Assessed as competent in the 2 Foundational Competencies and any 16 Core Competencies at the conclusion of Intermediate Neurosurgical Training

Trainees must remain in their allocated accredited training positions at all times during Intermediate Neurosurgical Training.


Download the Training Program Regulations here