Training Seminars

Training Requirements

The training seminars are held twice a year and deliver topics on a rotational basis.  Trainees are required to attend all scheduled training seminars occurring while they are undertaking the Surgical Education and Training Program unless they have been granted leave by the Board Chair. Applications for leave must be submitted in writing at least two months prior to the training seminar commencement unless the circumstances make this impractical.  Applications must be sent to

Expenses incurred in attending the training seminars are the responsibility of the trainee. Trainees are responsible for their own accommodation and travel arrangements.  A fee may be charged.  Trainees may be required to submit presentations or abstracts for training seminars.  All submissions must be received prior to the due date in the format requested. The program will usually be released by email 2 months prior to the scheduled commencement of the training seminar.

The SET Program training requirements include as a minimum successful completion of: 
  • Two training seminars during Basic Training; and 
  • Six training seminars during Intermediate Training. 

A training seminar will not be recognised as a completed training requirement if the trainee: 

  • does not attend the training seminar or part thereof without leave being granted; or
  • does not present at the training seminar if requested or given the opportunity; or
  • does not submit the presentation and/or abstract by the due date; or
  • attendance at the training seminar was deemed unsatisfactory by the Board Chair or nominee. 

If a trainee disputes a decision regarding completion of a training requirement or wishes to apply for special consideration, the trainee is required to submit a request for a review to the Board Chair within 14 days’ of being notified of the Report or decision in accordance with Regulation 1.8. The review will be conducted in accordance with Regulation 1.8.

Download the Training Program Regulations here

Training Seminars 2020

Functional Neurosurgery Training Seminar
Wednesday 18 November - Friday 20 November 2020 
SET Trainees and RACS International Medical Graduates Only
Oaks on Market
60 Market Street, Melbourne

Please do not book travel at this time as the dates are provisional and subject to change. 

Provisional Training Seminar Locations and Topics 2021

To be advised in the near future.