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Post Fellowship Education and Training


The Neurosurgical Society of Australasia Post Fellowship Education and Training (PFET) Programs provide the opportunity for suitably qualified independent specialist neurosurgeons to undertake extensive education and training to achieve advanced proficiency, knowledge and skills in a specific sub-specialty area of neurosurgical practice. Each PFET Program will have clearly stated objectives for the sub-specialty expertise based on achieving a level of competence above that of a generalist neurosurgeon. The PFET Programs complement the Surgical Education and Training Program in Neurosurgery which must be completed first.


Duration and Structure

The PFET Programs must be a minimum of twelve months full time or the part-time equivalent.  There is no maximum duration.  The PFET Programs are designed to facilitate the cumulative acquisition of the experience, knowledge, skills and attributes aligned with the overall objective. The PFET Programs will include clinical, research, educational and administrative experience in the sub-specialty focus.  It is expected that the duties assigned to the fellow will increase in complexity as the fellow assumes more responsibly and builds on their generalist experience, knowledge, skills and attributes.

PFET Programs are currently available in the following sub-specialties:

Applications to interrupt a PFET Program may be approved in a range of circumstances including ill-health and parenting. Please see further details in the Post Fellowship Education and Training Regulations for the applicable program.

Eligibility and Application

All applicants must have satisfactorily obtained employment in a position accredited for a PFET Program. Applications for employment in accredited PFET Program positions must be made directly to the institutions in which the positions are located. A list of accredited positions is available below.

Download the list of accredited Post Fellowship Education and Training Program positions here

All applicants must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or have an appropriate visa to work in Australia or New Zealand as a specialist neurosurgeon in a supervised fellowship position. All applicants must have current and valid medical registration necessary to practice in the position accredited for the PFET Program.

Additional eligibility requirements are outlined in the Regulations for the relevant PFET Program.  Application and registration fees are also payable as outlined in the Regulations for the relevant PFET Program. To apply for the PFET Program, please visit the relevant sub-specialty program page on this website.

Commencement and Completion

The official commencement date of the PFET Program will be the application date for registration or alternate date nominated at the time of application.  No retrospective credit will be given for any training undertaken prior to the official commencement date or undertaken after the PFET Program registration has ceased.

On application to and approval from the Post Fellowship Education and Training Committee that the objectives of the PFET Program have been satisfied the fellow will be issued with a Certificate of Post Fellowship Education and Training. The Certificate will acknowledge the sub-specialty, duration of satisfactory training and the institution where the PFET Program was undertaken.

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